#MayPac Bring The Stars Out To Vegas : Beyonce & Jay Z, Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill, Christina Milian & Lil Wayne, Diddy & Cassie, And More!

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Celebs took over La Vegas last night as the #MayPac fight went down inside the MGM Grand.  We’ve got the stars who dished out tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to sit ringside for boring a$$ fight.  Plus check out the after party pics……….

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Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé chilled ringside with  their men to watch the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight.  The two looked like “knock outs” , and are known to hang out at event’s like this year’s Coachella Festival .  So it’s only right they snapped pics together alongside Jay Z and Meek Mill at last night’s fight.

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.56 AM_zps8qbuflm8.png

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.44 AM_zpsdmavlah8.png

While Nicki looked took us back  to 2008 with the Herve Leger bandage dress,  Queen Bey rocked a red hot jumpsuit with the matching cape.  Bow Down Bishes . Jay was looking pretty dapper himself in the iridescent tux jacket, and Meek kept it dope boy fresh in a all black button down with some spiked out sneakers.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedVhIQO3WTQU1l_zps9zdhrilt.jpg

 photo spl1014631_014_zpsvae1niob.jpg

Nicki looked cute nonetheless and wasn’t shy about flashing that rumored engagement ring from her “Boss”.

 photo BeyonceKnowlesFloydMayweatherJrvMannyH9C5WuxFkQkl_zpsbjcnjz87.jpg

Hey Mary J. Blige! We see you watching this overrated piece of….. anyway lets continue.

 photo spl1015654_025_zpsfc7h0ltj.jpg

 photo spl1015654_026_zpscamxbzch.jpg

Also spotted in the crowd — Diddy and Cassie.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresented8055RLYHnKcl_zpsdh6xdouz.jpg

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresented3bY84cpRf8nl_zpsk0xppahs.jpg

Say what you will about how this couple gets down….but Cassie looks stunning and Diddy knows how to rock a suit flawlessly.

And look who else was boo’d up and showing PDA:

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedhdNUvYvdDFll_zpsnpywor2x.jpg

Miss Tina Turn Up and Tunechi F. Baybe.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedklwqxOQYZJSl_zpsw7sjmmyo.jpg


Yep, Christina Milian and Lil Wayne.  We’re sure she’s happy Wayne is publicly claiming her and she’s looking happy to be in his corner.

Other couples spotted in the mix:

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresenteduscgdsWnoafl_zps8yxwc3so.jpg

Boxer Sugar Shane Mosely and his wife Bella Gonzalez were cuddled up ringside.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedtx7vV6P0sful_zpsjyycthmc.jpg

Don Cheadle posed it up with Sugar Ray Leonard.


 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedXzMp-IgfAGwl_zpsradhqzzk.jpg

Denzel Washington caught up with his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedkXvCCQgJUu4l_zpsp8byjk8w.jpg

I guess it was a relax day for Mr. Washington.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedmh3h5cr7_4Bl_zpsv9vbyhqr.jpg

Gayle King and Jake Gyllenhaal, who is starring as boxer Billy Hope in the upcoming Southpaw film, posed it up with Antoine as well.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedCVuitMqJsjLl_zpshgljtohx.jpg


Hey Mike!

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaoPresentedHtpi_Ptg6brl_zps89xs6ldq.jpg


The other Mike, Mike Tyson, was there with wife Lakiha Spicer.

 photo spl1015635_001_zpsfcusqozi.jpg

NFL Star Brandon Marshall brought his date, his wife Michi.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiaogYBaeS0VAuOl_zpsyleinq8s.jpg

Boxer Adrien Bronner came thru with his entourage.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiao1Bp8GZ0gCiIl_zps8j0v70yl.jpg

Dave Chappelle and his wife Elaine also took in the big night.

 photo RingsideMayweatherVSPacquiao25iEDSff-apl_zpsh2v04rph.jpg

And NBA star Russell Westbrook got in on the ringside action.

Over on the afterparty scene:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.32 AM_zpsp80whbrl.png

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 10.36.09 AM_zps7ykyg6ql.png

Nicki hosted a party at Chateau while also celebrating her manage Manny Halley’s birthday.

 photo spl1015622_006_zpsq1yysm9c.jpg

 photo spl1015459_018_zpsmxsga0gb.jpg

 Jamie Foxx hosted an afterparty at The Ban at the Bellagio and Tank came out to party. He also sang the National Anthem at the fight.


 photo SHOWTIMEVIPPostFightDinnerMayweatherNXRUYps9HFdl_zpsfcowssxb.jpg


Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan partied it up at the SHOWTIME VIP Post-Fight Dinner at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Bow Wow, GM Showtime Sports and Event Programming Stephen Espinoza, Michael Strahan and Allen Iverson all posed it up as well.

 photo apjBOpS_zpsjbw5b4pz.jpg

Heeeey Michael.

 photo ZI83Y2q_zpsdgpx8rfk.jpg

Actor Wendell Pierce, snapped pics with Michael, Pooch Hall and “House of Lies” star Glynn Turman.


 photo SHOWTIMEVIPPostFightDinnerMayweatherez5rLaoQll4l_zpsitzef0uf.jpg


“The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood put on her jumpsuit and flats to keep the party going.

 photo xO1VqWn_zpsrtbiydq5.jpg


And “Shameless” star Shanola Hampton looked cute while at the afterparty.  Love her!




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