Tough Topics We Avoid: Child Molestation and Abuse #TellSomebody


Everyone knows at least one person or has heard horror stories of child abuse or has been abused in some form their selves as a child. From inappropriate touching to bribing children not to tell anyone child abuse is nothing new, and has been around since the beginning of time. Even though we know its exists, and hear about it time to time we still pretend that it doesn’t occur, and that these demons committing these crimes always get caught, or that children lie about abuse when they don’t get there way.

When we know that it is not always that case . But what if we could do something to change it, and empower the victims of child abuse? If telling your story to  others about child abuse ,  reporting that family friend you know molested your cousin  to DHS , or simply explaining to your child about their  private parts and reporting inappropriate contact would solve save a child a lifetime of hurt would you step up, and do it? I would, and I think it’s never to late to explain to a child what sexual abuse is, and what to do if they are being abused. Letting them know it’s not their fault, and that you support them 100%.  In the urban community we tend to sweep claims of abuse under the carpet, and dismiss these claims as a child acting out.

Until something horrific happens, and everyone is scratching  their heads like “what happened”.

While surfing World Star Hip Hop for music I came across a video featuring a brave young lady named Aleesha Barlow. Aleesha talks about her movement “TELLSOMEBODY, and how she became passionate about the topic. Aleesha was molested by her grandfather at the age of 7, and when she told her mother, her mom told her not to tell anyone, and that she would tell her grandfather to stop.  Aleesha was only 7 years old, and her mother failed to protect her. She guilt-ed her into believing that if Aleesha told anyone else her whole world would come tumbling down.


The abuse continued, and her mother continued dropping her off to Aleesha’s grandfather when she had to work, and the abuse would continue as soon as her grandmother left the two alone. Fast forward 20 years later, Aleesha is now a mother to a beautiful girl, her abuser is dead from a well deserved terminal illness, and Aleesha is finally telling her story. With the motivation of her father ( who recently found out that his wife kept his horrible secret from him for 20 yrs) Aleesha began to share her story with the public encouraging parents to talk to their children about sexual abuse. and informing them of their body parts, so they know what is wrong from right. Sadly her motivating force , her father, passed away in a fatal car crash, but in honor of his memory she is continuing to tell her story, vowing to protect her daughter from what she faced at and promote awareness.




Watch her heartfelt story below:


Support this movement by simply talking with your children. Boys and girls experience sexual abuse, and in no shape or form is it acceptable.

Visit, and support the cause.


If YOU, or A Child You Know Is Getting Abused, Call 911, or The National Child Abuse Hotline At: 1-800-422-4453 !!!
And TELL SOMEBODY! You Can Also Visit The National Child Abuse Website At:

If You Are a SURVIVOR Of Child Abuse, Here Are Some Good Websites To Check Out To Start Healing: (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) (Adult Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

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