Video: Lil Mama Makes A Come Back With “Sausage”



Lil Mama kicks off the summer with an homage to 90s videos and 80s style rap in “Sausage.”  From vintage NYC brownstones, block parties, jump rope and voguing, Lil Mama puts her spin on classics visuals her favorite artists. She wears a black scarf around her head and rocks sunglasses like Mary J.  Blige does in “Not Gon Cry,” there’s a Michael Jackson scene and even a dance sequence from  Madonna’s  “Vogue.”

The chorus goes: “Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage / You better use a condom if you takin’ it / All these broke ni**as that be on my sausage need to hop off”

So….it’s a song with a message? Shout out to TLC!  Over on social media, reaction to the video has been mixed at best. Plenty of fans and foes put in their two cents about not liking the track.

Then there’s this.  Now….this could be “reaching”, but  Missy Elliot recently tweeted this and some folks on the net think it’s related to “Sausage”…

 photo missyddedced.png

After you watch the video, it’s obviously that Lil Mama’s flow and video production is Missy-inspired.  But was Missy throwing shade?








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