Wiz Drops Video For “No Permission”

Now I must admit that I miss the “old” Wiz Khalifa , the “On My Level”Wiz. When her had no dreads, and was rocking the broccoli top, and big smile. Ladies wasn’t he fine!

For a awhile Wiz was looking a lil out of it, but now he is back, and reminding us of where he started. In “No Permission” Wiz takes a walk in New York with his crew, and does it underground style. No big budget, just a camera, some day light, and some good smoke.

Wiz  Khalifa is gearing up for his summer tour starting June 10th in Camden, NJ , with Fallout Boy, and Hoodie Allen.


Check IT! Plus See Wiz on tour this summer http://wizkhalifa.com/tour ! You Going?


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