Curry With The Ink: Steph Curry Gets A Tat In Honor of His Wife!


How does a basketball player show his fans he loves his beautiful black queen when he can’t technically wear jewelry while paying on the court? He gets tatted up…DUH!

For safety of the players, Rule No. 2, Section II, Article B of the official NBA Rule Book states that players are not permitted to play with any type of hand, arm, face, nose, ear, head or neck jewelry. Including wedding rings, so Steph found the tie in between finals to get inked up.


Steph Curry ring finger tattoo

The Golden State Warrior recently got wife Ayesha’s initial tatted on his ring finger as a permanent replacement for when he can’t play while wearing his wedding ring.

The “A” tattoo is his second ink dedicated to his  loving wife.

Back in 2013, the religious couple got inked with wrist tattoos inspired from 1 Corinthians 13:8, which starts with, “Love never fails.” Both Steph and Ayesha got the matching tattoo in Hebrew.

Steph and Ayesha Curry matching tats 4

Steph and Ayesha Curry matching tats 1

Steph revealed in a February 2015 interview that he married young (23) because he didn’t want to waste any time since he already knew Ayesha was the one.

Why waste time when you’ve found the right one, right? I knew. I had met my wife in high school and knew her story and her family what she was about. Very faith-orientated woman. She was so driven. We didn’t date through high school, but we got to college and met ‘again’ out in Los Angeles for the ESPYs after the tournament run. She was living out there and pursuing her acting career. That was kinda just faith right there. Two kids from Charlotte meeting again in LA on a whim. Dated for three years. When I got to Golden State, I knew I found the right one so I didn’t want to waste anytime.

Black love in it’s purest form.


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