Gucci Mane Is Now an Advice Columnist


Gucci Mane may be behind bars, but he is still making moves. First he released “King Gucci” and “Trap House 5” now he  has teamed up with XXL Magazine for a new feature that debuts his new role as an advice columnist. Yes, you read right! The column is titled “Ask Gucci”, and features questions from readers interested in Gucci’s advice.The questions vary from establishing a rap career at 35 years old to maintaining a long distance relationship.

Check out one of the questions posed to Gucci Mane below and view the rest over on XXL.

Hey Gucci, 

What’s the key to maintaining the balance of working all the time and still having time to just chill with your friends? I know you work with your friends a lot; are there times when you just say, “Okay guys, enough work for now, let’s just hang out”?




It was a time when I thought that the artist I had, I should distance myself from and just work with them and let our business relationship not complicate our friendship. But I learned that though it leaves you vulnerable, I’d rather allow them to be influenced by seeing me in action, working and also it allows me to be influenced by them and we feed off each other energy. So I combine both.


Mr Guccimane

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