Philly’s Hip-Hop Scene Talks With Fox News About The Hit Show “Empire”! Reality Or Fiction?



   The Fox Network hit show “Empire” has everyone discussing if the television show is close to the reality of what really goes on behind the scenes of the hip-hop music industry. Some say yes and others disagree, but we all can come to a unanimous decision that “Empire” is a show that’s here to stay. Philly’s Fox New’s tv personality Q-Deezy went around interviewing some of Philly’s underground and main stream hip-hop artist as well as industry insiders on their take of the hit show “Empire”, and if they believe it accurately  depicts the hip-hop scene. Often criticized for portrayals of violence, and raw take on street life the show “Empire”, and genre have something in common.

 Philly native Meek Mill gave views on the show , and said “We came from a bad side if that’s what they call it when we started from, but we ain’t living like that no more”, implying that his days of crime, violence and hardships are behind him, and provide him content to write songs about.

  Our own, Ray Brock, founder of Blazin 267 Online Radio, and Heat holders Marketing and Promotion firm as well as entertainment site gave his valued opinion on if the writers of the show “Empire” got it right.

Watch it below:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

 Do you think Fox’s hit show is a real depiction of the music industry?

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