This Summer’s Next Artist To Blow Is………TINK! @official_tink


Lauryn Hill must have a daughter  from Chi-Town that she didn’t know about because super producer Timbaland’s new artist Tink is killing the streets with her updated version of the hip-hop raptress. You may have heard “The Ratchet Commandments”  coming through your speakers, and didn’t know who the artist who sang, but we are hear to fill you in on this multi- talented young lady.Timbaland described her as ‘the one”, and Aaliyah even came to Tim in a dream giving her co-sign on the Chicago raptress as well. Tink is only 20 years old, but comes across as a woman way before her time. Tink sings and raps with ease, and has had some practice in her short years on this Earth. Tink was raised in a musical family, her father is a music engineer , and owned a home studio in their home’s basement. So Tink was exposed to music at an early age, and would listen to artists like Jodeci, Aaliyah, The Jackson 5, and Missy Elliot.

In the “Ratchet Commandments” she talks about how the new aged generation needs to “do better”, but many people took the song as a commandment, as if Tink was looking down on her peers, but in a interview with the “Breakfast Club” Tink explains to host DJ Envy that sh wrote that song to her former self three years ago. The emcee then explains how she once was apart of Chicago’s “drill scene” that has been popularized by other  Chi Town rappers like Chief Keef . “Drill” music is a sector of vulgar,  violent, and   gritty style of hip-hop associated with gangs an gang activity that Tink admits being apart of along with but later on realized that she didn’t want to represent.

  Recently “The Don’t Tell Nobody” singer dropped a remix to her producer’s mega hit by Aaliyah title”One in A million” , and created it into her own song. She also was abducted into XXL Magazine’s 2015 “Freshman Class“, and graced the cover for their Summer 2015 issues with her peers.

Check out Tink’s Remix to”One In A Million” and some of  her other songs that we will be blasting in the whip this summer!


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