HeatHolders is one of the hottest, and successful Marketing & Promotions companies running in the Philadelphia market. HeatHolders isn’t just limited to marketing and promotions, we also run a very exclusive record pool servicing over 300 of the tri-state areas hottest DJ’s. Below you will find information regarding all services offered at HeatHolders. If you find something that sparks a flame, or you may have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

HeatHolders Marketing and Promotions can best serve you and/or company with an aggressive artist & repertoire/street campaign that will not only create a buzz around the release of your upcoming projects, and will also serve as a promotional vehicle to increase awareness and produce sales nationally. We will be implementing the following programs in order to enhance your projects presence within the music industry. Our goal is to develop your career as an artist in order to secure a recording contract with a major record label and promote longevity within the business.


HeatHolders Marketing and Promotions will provide an in-depth artist development campaign, which will promote artistic and commercial continuity within the music industry. The campaign will entail music consulting through in-studio sessions (timing varies according to each agreement). These sessions will aide in the creation of new song material and tracks, as well as, provide a means to develop your sound, presentation and delivery as a new artist. We will help you gain access to notable music producers that will tailor to your style of music in order to increase originality. We will create a demo package to showcase your talent and music abilities, which will be distributed to all major record labels in search of a recording contract.

HeatHolders Marketing & Promotions also offers the following strategic marketing initiatives in order to maximize the level of awareness of your project(s) with consumers of your targeted population:


The street team will set forth an aggressive promotion campaign with your targeted markets. We will showcase the upcoming project by strategically placing posters, one sheets, postcards, poster boards, product samplers and other promotional items at malls, high schools, sporting events, beauty salons, barber shops, night clubs, concerts, retail stores, and other popular urban hangouts. Our staff can guarantee that your artist will have high-visibility within the targeted areas.


HeatHolders Marketing & Promotions will coordinate retail distribution. The street team will be responsible for visiting retail stores and establishing a relationship with the vendors that will help push awareness of the project in each store. We will be responsible for the following:

  • Getting feedback from the vendors
  • Setting up in-store displays to create more visibility for the album
  • Servicing retail stores with promotional product to be handed out with each purchase
  • Establishing promotional giveaways during special in-store events
  • Servicing retail stores with posters and postcards to be displayed and handed out in the store
  • Checking up on the product in each store


HeatHolders Marketing and Promotions will establish special promotions for your upcoming project(s) at any of the hottest clubs in the Tri-State area. There will be product giveaways throughout the evening, and the club will be displayed with posters, postcards, flyers, and stickers. Our street team will also create picket signs to be carried throughout the club creating even greater visibility.


HeatHolders Marketing and Promotions will organize and coordinate additional street promotions in the Tri-State area with a promotional van. The promotional van is an essential life-size billboards on wheels. Fully wrapped with high quality graphics, the vans immediately draw attention of everyone on the street. They come equipped with a 4000-watt sound system and video capabilities to broadcast intermittent product audio and video samples. This campaign will increase the visibility of the upcoming project enormously.

The van will visit retail outlets and clubs where we will conduct product sampling, as well as give-away promotional merchandise. We will creat and implement a daily rotation for the vans that will visit high schools, colleges, retail stores (clothing and record), swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, clubs, barber shops, malls, movie theaters, basketball tournaments, urban housing projects, and other popular hangout spots in each area. At each stop, the street team will dispense promotional product and information to passerby.


HeatHolders Marketing and Promotions will organize a national or regional promo tour for your artist. This consists of taking the artist to all major commercial and college stations where they will meet on-air personalities and mix show DJ’s. Record pool meet and greets will be set up for your artist so that they can meet local radio, club and mix tape DJ’s. Your artist will also be taken on a retail tour, which includes mom and pop record stores, clothing stores, barber shops/salons, and other lifestyle accounts. At night, your artist will be taken on a club run for maximum exposure in each market.

The following is a breakdown of the cities in each region that your artist will be taken to:

Northeast – Boston, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia, Providence

Mid Atlantic – Baltimore, DC, Viginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina

Mid West – Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Huntsville, Miami, Montgomery, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa

South East – Baton Rouge, Dallas, Jackson, Little Rock, Memphis, New Orleans, Shreveport

West – Fresno, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Oakland, Oxnard, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle

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