DJ Jay Millionz is a trendsetting DJ known for playing in nightclubs and breaking records on mixtapes. As a lover of music, DJ Jay Millionz always knows the quality of great music and uses that as a formula to entertain people all around the world. With his raw and fearless style of breaking music, DJ Jay Millionz stands out as a DJ who will keep any crowd guessing with his unique style. Starting out as a teenager. He bought his first set of turntables and started making mixtapes with new records he would purchase from various record stores. He also recorded tracks with his friends at his house and used those tracks on mixtapes as well. He then began pushing his mixtapes in various areas including New Jersey,Philadelphia and New York. As his mixtape popularity grew. He began getting bookings for various events throughout the area. From there he continued to do more mixtapes with industry and local music. From there it lead to doing shows at nightclubs in New Jersey and Philadelphia. As a result, he began attending and showcasing his talents in New York City and the world. At this time he is doing mixtapes for the streets and the worldwide web. He is also doing nightclubs and online radio.

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