HeatHolders Marketing & Promotion offers a number of effective promotional services that will aid your project at College, Mixshow, Satellite and the International level. Our services will support and make a significant impact on College, Mixshow, Satellite and International Tastemakers. We have prepared a campaign that will allow us to begin promoting your project.

Commercial Mixshow

Service the top 300 commercial BDS/Media base DJ’S nationally. Following the mailing, we’ll follow up to collect their feedback, which provides us with valuable information that will further assist in the campaign.

MP3 Blast

Utilizing companies such as Digiwaxx, & to get your project heard to every tastemaker & DJ across the world. These unique email blasts include graphics, logo placements and hyperlinks. This is a guaranteed effective way to introduce your projects product to key tastemakers.

International DJ’s

Service approximately 100 of the most influential internationally based DJ’s. These DJ’s are true tastemakers in their respective countries.

College promotions

Because college radio is a still powerful tool when breaking artists and lifestyle records, such as this album, we feel it is the perfect channel to help promote your project to the college market core. In addition to our mixshow and promotional services, we will service this record to the top 200-college radio shows/DJ’s across the country. (Mailing cost included)

Satellite Radio

Service all XM, Sirius & Music Choice Radio DJ’s. This will be a great exposure outlet for your project.

Street Team Markets

We will hire and manage teams in these top markets or other markets you request, here are the markets we suggest LA, San Fran, Chicago, NY, ATL, Seattle, Philly, DC, Miami & Houston.

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